Why people buy from

Some reasons why people buy from

#1 Certainty
#2 Variety
#3 Reliability
#4 Significance
#5 Honesty

When we first looked at this list, we thought our clients buy from us because supply a wonderful variety of significant souvenirs. But that’s not actually the case. They don’t buy because of any of that exciting stuff –  they buy because of certainty (#1). They know that we’re a safe pair of hands for their shopping, that we’ll get things to them in a timely and efficient manner. We know this because it’s what they tell us when we ask them; it’s what they tell other people when they recommend us.

On realising this, we were rather disappointed – we wanted our clients to buy for a more exciting reason than just ‘certainty’. However, we’ve since realised that certainty is a really strong selling point to have. In our industry we have hundreds of competitors. Many of them have not been in business for very long; or they’ve decided that selling souvenirs is easy to do, so they’ve set up as a social media ‘expert’. But if you don’t have much experience in something and you don’t have the tools and the team to get stuff done on a regular basis, to get great results, then you can’t meet your customers’ need of certainty. They won’t trust you to look after them, while they’re off doing other things.

When we have the slightest inkling of deliveries being delayed, e.g. Christmas period or bad weather in a location, we ensure customers are aware by publishing details and links on our site. Very near to Christmas, some people still place orders for International Express Delivery. When we consider this money wasted due to delivery not being guaranteed, we advise customers and frequently refund the ‘express’ premium.

So we’ve decided that we like the fact that our clients buy from us, and keep coming back, because of certainty. We like being able to promote our business on that attribute, because it really is what makes us different.

International Extended Shipping Times

International Order Extended Shipping Times

It is becoming apparent that the incidence of Customs spot-checks and general holding of incoming packages is on the increase.

Given the general international climate of fear in which we now reside, it is not surprising and we trust customers will be appreciative of the need for these checks and the possible extended delivery time.