2015 site launches 13 April 2015

4FootyFans 2015 site launches 13 April 20154footy-avatar

To celebrate the new site we are offering a further 15% discount off purchases made from 13 April to 30 April 2015.

The coupon to use at checkout is – 2015Launch – and is limited to 1 use per customer.

We hope you like our new site, which retains the basic 4FootyFans style with the regular hints and tips to improve your shopping experience with us.

As usual, we will advise you how to shop and ship effectively as well as when we envisage things may go wrong.

We are obviously shoppers ourselves and believe in being honest and upfront with customers.

Things occasionally do not go quite to plan and it is extremely frustrating for us when they are beyond our control. This especially applies to other countries’ Customs and Local Postal Services holding on to packages for ‘spot-checks’ and the like.

We try to make things as clear as possible, with the regular updating of our shipping info

Anyway, do pay us a visit.

We will welcome your feedback, good and not so………







Why people buy from 4FootyFans.com

Some reasons why people buy from 4FootyFans.com:

#1 Certainty
#2 Variety
#3 Reliability
#4 Significance
#5 Honesty

When we first looked at this list, we thought our clients buy from us because supply a wonderful variety of significant souvenirs. But that’s not actually the case. They don’t buy because of any of that exciting stuff –  they buy because of certainty (#1). They know that we’re a safe pair of hands for their shopping, that we’ll get things to them in a timely and efficient manner. We know this because it’s what they tell us when we ask them; it’s what they tell other people when they recommend us.

On realising this, we were rather disappointed – we wanted our clients to buy for a more exciting reason than just ‘certainty’. However, we’ve since realised that certainty is a really strong selling point to have. In our industry we have hundreds of competitors. Many of them have not been in business for very long; or they’ve decided that selling souvenirs is easy to do, so they’ve set up as a social media ‘expert’. But if you don’t have much experience in something and you don’t have the tools and the team to get stuff done on a regular basis, to get great results, then you can’t meet your customers’ need of certainty. They won’t trust you to look after them, while they’re off doing other things.

When we have the slightest inkling of deliveries being delayed, e.g. Christmas period or bad weather in a location, we ensure customers are aware by publishing details and links on our site. Very near to Christmas, some people still place orders for International Express Delivery. When we consider this money wasted due to delivery not being guaranteed, we advise customers and frequently refund the ‘express’ premium.

So we’ve decided that we like the fact that our clients buy from us, and keep coming back, because of certainty. We like being able to promote our business on that attribute, because it really is what makes us different.

International Extended Shipping Times

International Order Extended Shipping Times

It is becoming apparent that the incidence of Customs spot-checks and general holding of incoming packages is on the increase.

Given the general international climate of fear in which we now reside, it is not surprising and we trust customers will be appreciative of the need for these checks and the possible extended delivery time.


Black Friday Special Personalized Products

black friday discount weekend special 4footyfans

Black Friday Weekend Special 4 Footy Fans

Black Friday Discount Weekend Special 4footyfans

For this weekend only, we have reduced all our already great priced Personalized products by a massive 25%.  To take advantage of this awesome offer just use coupon code ‘BF25‘ at checkout.

black friday discount weekend special 4footyfans

25% Discount on ALL Personalized products

Shop Now »



New Product Range 4FootyFans – Forget It!

This post was going to announce a deal to supply a couple of new football themed electronic items.

However, the distributor insisted on specifying the price we were allowed to sell the products, in spite of a specific contract term to the contrary.

We refused to cede to their demand as we wished to sell the items 10% less.

They cancelled our contract.

In hindsight, they did us a favour as this type of behaviour was most likely a sign of things to come.

For anyone interested, the company is Electrobox Limited (possibly ‘severely’).

Oh dear!



We are on the move…….

4FootyFans is moving its Non-Personalised Products distribution premises

To facilitate this we will be closing for six days in August


The last date for shipping of Non-Personalised products will be

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Shipping will resume on

Tuesday 26 August 2014


Orders placed between 20 & 25 August will be despatched 26 August


4FootyFans wish to apologise for any inconvenience caused.

FC Barcelona Gift Ideas

FC Barcelona Gift Ideas

Are you looking for quality FC Barcelona gift ideas for that person you care for who is also a big supporter of Barça? There are a number of good options that are worth exploring including some that you might not have thought about. Many of these gifts can be found right now at www.4footyfans.com.

Home Décor Is Always Nice

Whether it be a decorative pillow or a throw blanket, it is hard to go against home décor for a FC Barcelona fan. Many of these products can come with the same red and blue colours as Barça and will even have the side’s emblem prominently displayed on them.

Player Figures Are Always Nice

You can find many quality FC Barcelona player figures ranging from traditional display figures to bobbleheads. These include the likenesses of Messi, Neymar, Alves, Iniesta and Xavi among many others in some striking poses. These can be very nice to add to one’s mantle.

Do You Have Flags Or Pennants?

Any FC Barcelona fan will enjoy having a quality flag or pennant with the team’s emblems, slogans and other features on them. These gifts will look just like the many flags or pennants that one might see at Camp Nou.

Jewelry Makes For a Great Gift

Jewelry products make for some of the best FC Barcelona gift ideas around. These products are often made with stainless steel and are emblazened with the FAC Barcelona crest. In some cases they are coloured to match up with the side’s colours. Band rings and bracelets are popular as are earrings shaped to look like a side’s emblem.

Golf Products Make For An Active Life

If you know someone who is a supporter of this team and has a strong interest in golfing then maybe you should look for some fine golf ideas. You can show your pride in your side on the links with ball and tee sets, wood headcovers, putter handles and even golf bags that feature the colours and emblems of FC Barcelona. If you’ve got a
golfer in your life then these will certainly be great to find.

Look For Posters

Finally, you can get posters as quality gifts for Barça fans. These will include pictures of players in action or images of the FC Barcelona crest among other points that are reflective of the team.

Be sure to take a look at 4footyfans.com for many of these quality FC Barcelona gifts. These gifts are brilliant items for any fan of the side to enjoy.

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Buying Gifts For Liverpool Fans

With the Brazil 2014 World Cup Competition just having concluded, the excitement about football has once again been ignited amongst football fans. There is no doubt about the fact that football is one of the most popular sports in the world because of the sheer number of fans existing, particularly males!

Buying gifts is never an easy task, but if you are buying gifts for a football fan then this task becomes a whole lot easier. For example, if the recipient is a Liverpool team fan then you just need to choose from amongst popular Liverpool gift ideas in order to bring a wide smile to the face of the soccer fan! The best thing about shopping for football fans is that you can do it online from the comfort of your house. Websites such as 4footyfans.com offer a wide range of gift items to choose from. Since these are categorized well and one can engage in team-wise browsing of the products therefore the task of shopping becomes extremely easy and enjoyable.

Whether you are looking for personalized score boards or souvenirs or memorabilia or officially licensed gifts, you will find everything that you need on the website. Thus, shopping for gifts for a football fan has never been easier thanks to this website! These gifts allow the fan to show his/her support for the team in style and since he/she is so passionate about the sport so your gift will definitely be appreciated. Some of the popular Liverpool gift ideas are team scarf or hat to keep warm during cold seasons, figurines of Liverpool team players, watches, wallpapers and so on.

4footyfans.com really makes the task of choosing gifts for football lovers extremely easy. With everything laid out in an organized manner and the presence of abundant options to choose from, shopping is a pleasure on this website. Thus, the next time you start scratching your head about what to get as a gift for a football lover, you should head over to the website and effortlessly make some great buys without racking your brain too much!

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Recommended Real Madrid Gift Ideas

Real Madrid is very a famous soccer team in the world today. Many people are looking for the best Real Madrid gift ideas for their friends or relatives. You can choose the best gift that is suitable for your families or friends. There are some recommended products that you can buy today. These gifts are recommended for all Real Madrid fans who love this football club. All products are made from high quality and durable materials. There are many great products that come with different designs and styles. Here are some of the best gift ideas for Real Madrid fans that you can find at www.4footyfans.com.

1. Soccerstarz figure

This is the most popular gift for most Real Madrid fans these days. This figure is about 2 inches tall. It is very easy to store this figure as a collectible item. It is the official licensed product from Real Madrid. You can select the best figure from your favorite Real Madrid players, such as Ozil, Bale, Arbeloa, Alonso, Casillas, and some other players.

2 Real Madrid Fleece Blanket

Many people want to buy this blanket from www.4footyfans.com. It is comfortable to use this fleece blanket that is made from 100% polyester. You can also wash this blanket easily without having any issues. It is an official licensed product that you can give to your lovely friends or families. It is a great souvenir for all Real Madrid fans.

3. Real Madrid Mini Bar Set

It is one of the best Real Madrid gift ideas from 4footyfans.com. This mini bar set is very useful to decorate your kitchen and dining areas easily. This mini bar set consists of several items, including pint glass, beer mats, and beer towel. It is another official licensed product that can be used as a perfect Real Madrid gift.

They are top 3 Real Madrid gifts that you can purchase today. These products are recommended for most people because they are made from high quality materials. They are suitable for all Real Madrid fans who love this soccer club. You can purchase some of your favorite items today. Buy the best product that is suitable for your preferences.

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The Best Arsenal FC Gift Ideas

Arsenal is one of the world’s most successful football clubs, which has attracted a lot of fans worldwide.  Most of these fans like arsenal branded gifts, which can be found at www.4footyfans.com. There is a comprehensive range of Arsenal FC gift ideas, which means that you are sure to find a perfect Arsenal gift in your life.  Here are some of the arsenal fc gift ideas that we found to attract most Arsenal FC fans.

Arsenal Birthday card: It is one of the best gift to arsenal
fans as it include traditional Logo and colors. It Measures approximately 22.5 cm x 12 cm, include a message inside, and come complete with an envelope.

Arsenal F.C. Pack Socks Men’s: These are men’s socks sold at around $2.5. You can find these official AFC 1 pair of black socks in any of the online football shops online. It is made of 72% cotton, 27% nylon, and 1% elastin and fits adults of size 6-11.

Arsenal Jack Wilshere T-Shirt: most arsenal fans like this type of arsenal t-shirt, which goes for about $15. It 100% cotton and are available in both kids and adult sizes.

Keep Calm I’m An Arsenal Fan Mug: This is an high quality
ceramic mug, which sells at around $11 online. You can comfortably use it under dishwasher and microwaves.

Arsenal FC official Xmas Gift Christmas Santa Beanie Hat Red: This is among arsenal fc gift ideas most Arsenal fans go for especially during Christmas. There are distributed by mtxtoys and sold for about $4.5 online.

Arsenal Leather Wallet Embossed Crest: It has attracted 22 customer reviews online. It is made of purely black, quality leather and goes for $25. It comes with a gift box.

Arsenal wrapping paper: It is an interesting idea to wrap your gift with Arsenal wrapping paper if you are presenting it to an Arsenal fan.
You can order the wrapping paper online for about $3.5. It measures approximately 70cm x 50 cm and includes 2 sheets Wrapping paper and 2 Gift Tags.

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The Limitless Options for Chelsea FC Gift Ideas

The list marvelous gift ideas for Chelsea FC soccer fans are as along as any stretch of imagination. There is something for everybody regardless of age and gender. The options range from very beautiful baby wear to marvelous clothing for any hard winter. Some of the lavish designs that you could expect to find in a fabulous gift shop include a Chelsea FC Leather Bracelet, a Chelsea FC Black Drinks bottle, lovely frames with beautiful photos of Chelsea superstars such as John Terry, Eden Hazard, a Chelsea FC Medium Band ring and many other great items. Anybody looking for Chelsea FC gift ideas could also consider the following:

*Chelsea FC iPod Touch 4G Hard Case
*Chelsea FC Retro Ceramic Mug
*Chelsea FC Baby Feeding Bottle
*Chelsea FC Shot Glasses
*Chelsea FC Baby bodysuit
*Chelsea Air Freshener Mourinho

The Chelsea FC iPod Touch 4G Hard Case has an allure of elegance and sophistication, which define class and prestige that goes with the club’s great reputation. The rich blue color combines easily with the extra advantages of technology to evoke strong feelings of status and club loyalty. In every respect, this fabulous item is one of the best Chelsea FC gift ideas. The Chelsea FC Retro Ceramic Mug is wonderfully decorated with images of great Chelsea FC football stars and other colorful images that signify the admirable legacy and reputation of the Londoners.

There is so much love and beauty to be found in the Chelsea FC Baby Feeding Bottle and the Chelsea FC Shot Glasses. The conspicuous Chelsea logo completes a great tale of success that weaves within the ego of any ardent soccer fans. There is an abundance of more gift choices on www.4footyfans.com. These items are great ideas for gifts because of their beauty, utility value, and their capacity to enhance the ambiance of your interior spaces. It would be a fabulous idea to add the Chelsea FC Baby bodysuit and the Chelsea Air Freshener Mourinho on your long list of Chelsea FC gift ideas since they work together to define the Chelsea pride and loyalty.

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